iCIMS Developer Resources Website


iCIMS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that creates talent acquisition software. They have three core products that create a suite: recruitment, sourcing, and onboarding software. They also have a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which brings together other software vendors, or partners, that plug into the iCIMS core software suite. This PaaS is known as UNIFi.

There is a branch within the UNIFi team that ensures partners are well integrated with the iCIMS software suite. This team was faced with an issue: partner developers who had a difficult time creating integrations with iCIMS due to the lack of clear instructions and resources. This, in return, caused a lot of work for the UNIFi team, not only explaining processes but also helping partners fix their code to integrate correctly.

We created a new, rebranded website with new page layouts in order to increase findability and credibility. This new website had an improved IA and implemented a new top navigation, allowing users to quickly jump to relevant sections. A forum was also implemented, which was essential to improving the self-help feature of the site. This redesigned website was able to save the UNIFi team at least 10 hours a week, freeing up time for them to mature the integration process, and subsequently attract more partners and increase overall revenue for the business.

Design Goals

  • Ensure users are able to easily find the category of their integration
  • Ensure users are able to create integrations from beginning to end


  1. Gathered business requirements for the project through stakeholder interviews.
  2. Conducted 1-on-1 interviews with partner developers in order to establish user needs and user goals. We also used this data to create proto-personas.
  3. Designed wireframes based on business requirements and user goals.
  4. Usability tested wireframes, both moderated and unmoderated, to determine any deficiencies. 
  5. Identified a few gaps in the wireframe. One interesting gap I found was that we created a side panel to single out an often looked-for feature, but users did not notice it in our validation testing. This feature had to be removed and placed with the other features.
  6. Handed the wireframes to design to create a high fidelity UI comp.
  7. Worked closely with development to bring the comp to life, including providing CSS guidance to refine the site.
  8. QA'ed the final site before transferring it into UAT.