MICE (Meeting, Itinerary, Conference, and Event) Application

I was tasked with creating the interface for the MICE (meeting, itinerary, conference, and event) application. The main users for this application are travel agents who are booking trips for corporations or bigger groups. The team behind this project were all developers who needed help creating a pleasant experience for their application. The biggest problem with the application is that it needed to address multiple mental models, because each user had his or her own unique methodology for creating group itineraries. 

After conducting user interviews with various travel agents in the industry, I created a set of interaction requirements for the application. I needed to think of a way to fulfill multiple mental models, so the application needed to have a lot of flexibility. After 2 iterations and usability studies, I finally created a design that was validated by our usability studies. The key was to create itinerary requirements and suppliers separately, and then eventually match them up to each other.


1. User interviews with 3 travel agents.
2. Create requirements for the application.
3. Sketch wireframes on paper.
4. Design prototype 1 on Axure. 
5. Conduct usability study on prototype 1 with several travel agents.
6. Re-think the design based on failures in the usability study and iterate (sketch & prototype).
7. Conduct usability study on prototype 2 with several travel agents, validating the designs.
8. Create high fidelity mockups and creating the style guide.