Pakedge Device & Software


Our team of 3 UX designers was tasked with designing the interface associated with their Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which is essentially a smart powerstrip. Our interface needed to incorporate all the functions of the PDU to allow users to remotely manipulate the PDU. Some of these functions include adjusting the individual outlet settings, turning outlets off and on, and seeing the usage of individual outlets.

We designed the interface to be extremely simple for the user. After conducting a lot of user research, we discovered the main needs the user has and ensured that those needs were very prominent on the homepage (power on/off & reboot). We improved the information architecture of the whole interface, making the navigation easier to use for the user. We incorporated a new feature into the interface, the grouping of outlets, to allow users to easily work with groups of outlets, which seemed to be a common want, instead of working only with individual outlets.

Design Goals:
  • Ensure the primary user needs were easy to find and use
  • Improve the information architecture and navigation schema in order to make all features easy to find
  • Anticipate the user needs so they don't have to go to a different page to find information they need immediately
  • Process
    1. Performed task analyses, usability tests, and a heuristic evaluation on the existing PDU interface. 
    2. Performed competitive/comparative analyses on the competitor 
    3. Performed user research to narrow down the primary and secondary persona. The primary persona deals directly with the PDU, while the secondary persona most likely does not. However, both were important to determining the direction of our redesign.
    4. Used the user research to redesign the interface in such a way that the user would find what they need very easily.
    5. Used card sorting to improve the information architecture; used our findings to create a new sitemap.
    7. Sketched wireframes for the main pages we wanted to make within the 2.5 weeks we had to work on this project. 
    8. Went straight into high-fidelity mock-up as there was already a style that other interfaces had that we needed to stay consistent with.
    9. Conducted usability tests to see the pain points of the app.
    10. Iterated. Repeat.