True Spirit E-Commerce Site

I was tasked to pitch a design for the True Spirit website. True Spirit is pitched as an online retailer that sells modern school uniforms. The design needed to have several features, including a feature to choose a specific school, add a student to shop for, and of course a smooth check out process. My job was to design the website in a way that would keep the user on the site all the way to completing the order. 

After all the research conducted, I decided to design the website in the most traditional way as possible. Conducting the user research allowed me to see that while the personalized school page was a nice feature to have, most parents went straight to the "boys" or "girls" section. They were used to the conventional way of online shopping and assumed that they would have a physical list they could look off of, which they were more comfortable with. The personalized school feature was a nice to have, but it won't always be used by the consumer. I then focused on the check out process and the product viewing process, two features that bugged users the most on other sites. I made the check out process quick and easy, making sure that the total payment was very transparent, with no extra fees being added on at the end. I also ensured that the user stayed on the same page at all times, which was a pain point extracted from the research.


1. User research to create the persona.
2. Competitive/Comparative Analysis and Task Analysis to determine pain points and positive points.
3. User research to get a better understanding of how the users actually go about purchasing uniforms. The main takeaway from this research was to see how parents would ideally purchase uniforms if they had no restrictions. 
4. Card sorting & sitemaps to determine navigation schema.
5. User flows & storyboarding to determine logic behind the system.
6. Sketching and wireframing.
7. Prototyping > Performing usability tests > Iterating
8. Creating high-fidelity mock-ups of pages that have been validated -- redeveloping bad designs to make good designs sky rockets costs.